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Cherry AK-47 Strain – Remedy BCN

Cherry AK-47 Strain Review – Remedy BCN

Remedy BCN cannabis review - cherry ak47


This Cherry AK in the dispensary is straight fire, a real membership pleaser.  Every coffeeshop has their signature strain, and for Remedy in March 2016 this has definitely been our go-to.  Smokes well, big fat buds, and a long lasting effect, this indica heavy hybrid will hypnotize you like Paul McKenna.  This picture above was proudly taken inside the cannabis club, and despite some amateur photography this one is a beaut with #nofilter.  Will be passed around many a Spannabis 2016 event, which runs in Barcelona this March 10-12th.  Cherry AK, we salute you.


Orange Kush Hybrid Strain – Remedy Barcelona

Orange Kush Hybrid Strain – Remedy Barcelona

remedy barcelona cannabis club











Citrus Orange and Sweet, this type of weed has a very strong THC level.  A Fair blend of half Indica half Sativa, it’s the best of both worlds.  Creative yet relaxed, this is a known remedy for seizures and epilepsy, as well as recommended for anxiety, depression, ADHD, inflammation, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and aches and pains.  Could really be smoked both daytime and for the night.  Members have been rumored to sink pretty deep into the leather couches.  This bud moves quick so get on board!

Hydro Critical Mass – Bilbao at Remedy BCN

2.critical mass bilbao remedy cannabisHydro Critical Mass – Bilbao at Remedy BCN

2 Hybrid strains always fresh in this coffeeshop, Hydroponic grows of Critical Mass and Critical Bilbao.  This cannabis bud is very popular all over Spain, and will be a top ganja at Spannabis 2016.  Critical mass is a blend between Skunk and Afghani, first cultivated by Mr. Nice.  The Basque variant, Critical Bilbao, is heavier and more daze inducing, with small round buds and an orange sour diesel appearance.  Critical + or mas if you like, it is a regular strain on the menu.