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Primavera Sound 2016 – Cannabis Preview

primavera soundPrimavera Sound 2016 – Cannabis Preview

Summer’s best rock & electronic festival in Europe is kicking off June 2nd 3rd and 4th at the Barcelona Forum. Thousands of fans will be flooding the BCN metro and beaches wondering, “Where do I find a cannabis association, immediately?” Remedy BCN definitely has you covered, no doubt we will have the best smokes in town for the spring and summer festivals.  On your way to the Barcelona Beach, or coming down from a wild night, Remedy BCN will be open for weed.  For help in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, or French, please get in touch for private marijuana events leading up to Primavera Sound 2016.


This year’s lineup includes:


Thom Yorke’s alien quintet returns to the forum (their 4th time at this venue), set to play new works along with tracks from their latest album The King of Limbs.  Accompanied by a psychedelic lightshow, Remedy recommends a blueberry cheese hybrid to fully experience the audiovisual masterpiece.

Tame Impala

Kevin Parker’s Australian rock band have had busy 2016 already, riding the top of Europe, UK and USA’s rock charts.  Their blend of progressive rock and electronic music certainly pairs well with a Hydro Critical mass strain.  The fusions work well together, as the critical mass will keep your head banging with heavy sativa flavours.

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy started LCD Soundsystem in his New York City apartment, received critical acclaim for Daft Punk is Playing at My House, and have thankfully returned from their breakup or hiatus.  In October 2015, a Consequence of Sound article reported that “multiple sources” confirmed that LCD Soundsystem would be reuniting in 2016 and headlining “high-profile music festivals in the US and UK.  Everyone knows these guys bring the high energy, so don’t go too heavy on the indica for this set.

Animal Collective

This Baltimore based experimental pop group is a staple at these Barcelona summer festivals.  We remember tripping out at the Forum ten years ago when Animal Collective first hit the scene.  Pleasure to have you back, will smoke a blunt.


Beirut originally the solo musical project of Arizona’s Zach Condon,  later grew into a full-scale band. Beirut’s sound is a mix of indie rock and international music from countries ranging from Brazil to Spain to Lebanon of course. The band’s first performances were in New York, and they have been playing Barcelona for years.  Good time for a smoke break chill sesh.

+ Explosions in the Sky, Deerhunter, Sigur Ros, Dinosaur Jr, and more coming to Barcelona’s 2016 Primavera Sound

Sonar Barcelona 2015 – A Preview

Sonar Barcelona 2015 – A Preview

Sonar Remedy Barcelona Festival-2015Sonar 2015 is here this June 18, 19 and 20th, so get your arse ready to party.  Whether you are going to Sonar by Day, Sonar by night, off Sonar parties, or even the infamous anti-Sonar, your ears are gonna be ringing by Sunday.  You probably will question your life choices, and strongly consider running away to join the festival circuit.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sonar is the blend of great music and a great city.  For more about the city, check out our Culture Blog.  For the music, just keep on reading.  The full lineup can be found here, but this is who we are super excited to see:

The Chemical Brothers – With their new album Born in the Echoes about to drop, the Chembros are sure to make it weird at the Fira Montjuic.  These guys have been a staple of the festival every year, and they always bring their top game.  I remember seeing them a few years back playing after Justice, and everybody on the dance floor was completely gobsmacked.

Duran Duran – I always like to catch the older poppier acts at these sorts of events.  I know they are a head scratcher here, but today’s retro vibe owes a lot to the synths of Mr. Duran and his brother Mr. Duran.  Plus, what girl doesn’t like bitchin 80s music?  I’ll take an order of Rio  with a side dish of Hungry Like the Wolf, por favor.

Hot Chip – Much like the Chemical Brothers, the legendary British electronic band has played Sonar more times than I can count since forming in London in 2000.  And they are always welcome here.  “Why Make Sense” is Hot Chip’s new offering, and I suggest you pick it up before the concert, as Hot Chip will actually play Sonar twice, once Thursday and once Friday.  We are expecting new stuff mixed in with the classics.  I Feel Better already.

Tiga – Tiga will be performing Live, a collaborative work with the Berlin studio Padfinderei, Matthew Dear, Boyz Noize, and others.  This Canadian DJ has an interesting following, and grew up as the product of hippie parents in a hippie Disney Land, of sorts – Goa, India.  But his music is a bit more ferocious than that, so you will see us at Sonar Lab Friday night at 01:45

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) – When I first heard TEED in London, I knew he was poised to break out on the scene.  I mean, who sounds like this guy?  Orlando Higginbottom and his ‘Nice Age’ Label will be playing the funky beats Friday.  His uniqueness will keep him around for a long time.

Viktor Flores – Viktor’s style is difficult to nail down into any category.  Whether it is German techno, dub, new age, or synth pop, Viktor has been rocking out of Galicia for 20 years.  If you’ve never seen him live, check him out Friday at the Sonar Pub.

Olde Gods – “But there are some who still keep to the Old Way, worshiping the faceless gods of the First Men.” Yes, expect this Twisted Funky Duo’s set to be as epic as the last season of Game of Thrones.  Aster and Guillamino pair up for a sweet set Thursday at Sonar by Day, at the SonarDôme, will have you synthed six ways senseless.

Squarepusher – I will be the first to admit, Thomas Jenkinson makes me feel weird.  But, after long contemplation, I will admit I feel weird in a good way.  I remember seeing Squarepusher at Sonar in 2012, he was playing long sets of jazz over computer sounds, and I think my brain exploded a little.  Kudos also to the best stage design and lighting effects of that year, Squarepusher puts on a fantastic LED show.

Erol Alkan – Check out Erol’s special mix for 2015 here.  He comes on Saturday night in between Duran Duran and the Chemical Brothers, and I think this could be the perfect segue.  I last saw Erol in London last year, and he brought the house down, so I am very excited for this one.  Come by Remedy and we will be playing some Erol tracks this weekend.

But let’s face it, Sonar is more than just one act.  It’s about the energy coming into the city and just not leaving.  It’s about bumper cars at 4 AM when you really should not be driving anything.

If Remedy BCN can be of assistance, please contact us.

Whether it is a hotel or restaurant recommendation, or party tips, our little knowledge goes a long way.  See you on the sala!



Primavera Sound Barcelona 2015 – Preview

primavera sound barcelonaPrimavera Sound Barcelona 2015 – Preview

Primavera is fifteen!
Primavera Sound will be 15 in 2015 and will celebrate its fifteenth edition by once again filling the Parc del Fòrum with a top quality eclectic programme. The festival will take place on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May in Barcelona.

So far we have The Strokes and Ride (UK) confirmed, but check back soon as the lineup will be getting a lot bigger.

Share your favorite Primavera Sound moments.