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A Barcelona Cannabis blog for membership in weed associations, various marijuana strains at Remedy BCN as well as hash and extracts such as oil shatter and crumble.  asociacion cannabica.  Un blog de Barcelona cannabis para ser miembro de asociaciones de malezas, varias cepas de marihuana en Remedio BCN, así como hachís y extractos tales como aceite y añicos

BCN coffeeshop carta

Remedy Cannabis Club Smoke Shop Strains for July 2016 Barcelona

Remedy Cannabis Club Smoke Shop Strains for July 2016 Barcelona

Welcome to Europe’s premier coffeeshop.  Weed lovers only.  We have an eternally rotating menu up in barrio gotico.  Fix all your marijuana needs for la playa Barceloneta.  Just a short hop from Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, the beach, or parc ciutadella, check out la cart for this summer:

Triba Haze
Jack Herer – Spannabis Cup Nominee
Ripper Haze
Orange Bud

Vanilla Kush
Tahoe OG
Cheese – Spannabis Cup Winner

Girl Scout Cookies
Chanel +
Grapefruit Kush
Blueberry Fog

Amnesia Haze
Mexican Sativa
Afghan Dream
Caramel Delight
Bubble Hash

Pre-rolled joints – spliffs and pure
Extracts – ice-o-later

Barcelona Cannabis Club Reviews

barcelona weed cannabis club reviewsRemedy would like to extend a thanks to recent articles highlighting the Barcelona weed cafes and cannabis clubs.  Please support our friends in the community:

ISmoke Mag UK – These guys are the voice of cannabis users all over United Kingdom.  They have a blog with cool info and reviews.

Hipe Magazine – expert smokers, tokers, bakers and writers too.  This London based travel, arts, style and cannabis magazine has cool info for you.

Weed Cafe Barcelona: Summer 2016 Strains

barcelona cannabis club menu remedyWeed Cafe Barcelona: Summer 2016 Strains

Summer is heating up and Remedy BCN has all he indica, sativa and hybrid strains for your beach needs in 2016.  For members of Remedy cannabis cafe, we will be totally stocked noon to midnight every day.

Offered in May and June will be Neville Haze, Blue Dream, Orange Bud, Exodus Cheese, Cherry Ak (spannabis cup winner), Amnesia OG, Super Lemon Haze (spannabis cup winner), Sweet Island Skunk, Ice cream Bud, Candy Land, Girl Scout Cookies (High Times winner), Triple DDD, and Sick Diesel.

Throw in a wide array of hash such as caramel delight amnesia haze and grapefruit hash,  plus dabs and shatter for all your 710 delights, there is guaranteed to be more ahead.


Cherry AK-47 Strain – Remedy BCN

Cherry AK-47 Strain Review – Remedy BCN

Remedy BCN cannabis review - cherry ak47


This Cherry AK in the dispensary is straight fire, a real membership pleaser.  Every coffeeshop has their signature strain, and for Remedy in March 2016 this has definitely been our go-to.  Smokes well, big fat buds, and a long lasting effect, this indica heavy hybrid will hypnotize you like Paul McKenna.  This picture above was proudly taken inside the cannabis club, and despite some amateur photography this one is a beaut with #nofilter.  Will be passed around many a Spannabis 2016 event, which runs in Barcelona this March 10-12th.  Cherry AK, we salute you.


Spannabis 2016 Preview Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Spannabis 2016 Preview Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Remedy BCN

Spannabis is upon us again and we are excited for all the new people, products, vendors and festivities to hit Barcelona.   Located at the Fira de Cornella, and we imagine most heads will be staying in central Barcelona, so make sure to sign up for membership at Remedy BCN in the gothic quarter, near the bottom of las ramblas.  We are a legal and safe lounge to blaze your 420, and the best of Spain and Europe will be trading advice and recommendations for sure.  We are open for Dabadoo as well.  Spannabis comes but once a year.  We will be open before, during, and after the fair’s activities.

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

asociaciones cannabicas barcelona

Grape Ape is on the menu at Remedy this month.  A light indica, it has a very grape like taste and flavor of course, packed into its right buds.  Its body effects are not too daunting like other indica and amnesia cousins.  Very terpy, the version at Remedy was veganically grown.  Definitely recommended for late-day smoking, maybe on your way back from la playa.

Elephant Bud Marijuana Strain – cannabis club barcelona

Elephant Bud Marijuana Strain

1. elephant bud


Just like our friend Rodrigo the floating elephant, this elephant will send you soaring through the air.  As you can see in the pictures, both the nugs and the graffiti are 100% in-house Remedy originals for Barcelona, España, and the European scene.  This particular strain of weed is full sativa, and went well with the tobacco mix the Spanish love.I prefer ripping this one out of the bong but to each their own.  Consuming this bud will give the user a heavy daze like effect, and the results can last for several hours.   Our couches in the lounge are very comfortable for this reason, so you can relax and watch your favorite sports team on our projector or other TVs.

Smoke some elephant with Rodrigo, a new Barcelona must.


remedy elephant elefante barcelona graffiti

Girl Scout Cookies in Spain

girl scout cookies strain barcelona spain

Girl Scout Cookies en España

You can find the GSC’s at Remedy BCN this spring, making it the only weed association offering this extremely popular American marijuana.  This haze heavy sativa whacks you over the head with happiness, euphoria, and relaxation, just as the eponymous door-to-door sales girls.  You may have heard Wiz Khalifa rap about Girl Scout Cookies, or maybe you’ve crossed by them on the Cali medical scene, this is just simply amazing bud.  Remedy BCN will be offering the Thin Mint and Platinum phenotypes as they become available.

Orange Kush Hybrid Strain – Remedy Barcelona

Orange Kush Hybrid Strain – Remedy Barcelona

remedy barcelona cannabis club











Citrus Orange and Sweet, this type of weed has a very strong THC level.  A Fair blend of half Indica half Sativa, it’s the best of both worlds.  Creative yet relaxed, this is a known remedy for seizures and epilepsy, as well as recommended for anxiety, depression, ADHD, inflammation, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and aches and pains.  Could really be smoked both daytime and for the night.  Members have been rumored to sink pretty deep into the leather couches.  This bud moves quick so get on board!

Hydro Critical Mass – Bilbao at Remedy BCN

2.critical mass bilbao remedy cannabisHydro Critical Mass – Bilbao at Remedy BCN

2 Hybrid strains always fresh in this coffeeshop, Hydroponic grows of Critical Mass and Critical Bilbao.  This cannabis bud is very popular all over Spain, and will be a top ganja at Spannabis 2016.  Critical mass is a blend between Skunk and Afghani, first cultivated by Mr. Nice.  The Basque variant, Critical Bilbao, is heavier and more daze inducing, with small round buds and an orange sour diesel appearance.  Critical + or mas if you like, it is a regular strain on the menu.