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Weed Cafe Barcelona: Summer 2016 Strains

barcelona cannabis club menu remedyWeed Cafe Barcelona: Summer 2016 Strains

Summer is heating up and Remedy BCN has all he indica, sativa and hybrid strains for your beach needs in 2016.  For members of Remedy cannabis cafe, we will be totally stocked noon to midnight every day.

Offered in May and June will be Neville Haze, Blue Dream, Orange Bud, Exodus Cheese, Cherry Ak (spannabis cup winner), Amnesia OG, Super Lemon Haze (spannabis cup winner), Sweet Island Skunk, Ice cream Bud, Candy Land, Girl Scout Cookies (High Times winner), Triple DDD, and Sick Diesel.

Throw in a wide array of hash such as caramel delight amnesia haze and grapefruit hash,  plus dabs and shatter for all your 710 delights, there is guaranteed to be more ahead.


OG Kush at Remedy Barcelona – Strain Description

Kush AccB Remedy BCN cannabisOG Kush at Remedy Barcelona – Strain Description

The original California is father to many strains which have rolled into the shop.  OG Kush has been around quite some time, so it is hard to find this exact strain and not one of its offspring.  Careful all the imitators, as we know there can only be one true OG Kush in Barcelona.  OG Kush is unique in that its reputation does not precede its kickarse quality and widespread love.

The origins of OG Kush have been clouded by many a blunt, but you will hear no end to the hypotheses.  This Hybrid smokes so well, and gives off a euphoria common to many sativa strains – definitely a stress reliever.

Taking a look at the image, we have very high crystal density (although this particular photo is on the crystally side).  Medium concentration hug, and the very clear amber along with the pine.  Stick this Kush into a planter and it looks like Christmas.

OG Kush and many other strains are currently available in Remedy Barcelona.

12 Facts about Barcelona Cannabis and Spanish Law

12 Facts about Barcelona Cannabis and Spanish Law

Many people have been writing in to ask us about the current state of recreational marijuana activities and cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Catalunya, and the rest of Spain.  Since information is changing every month, and facts can be hard to come by when dealing with word of mouth, we here at Remedy Barcelona wanted to compile the definitive list of what;s going on with the AccB ‘s.

#1 – Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona now require a 15 day waiting period for new members

L’Ajuntament wanted to curb the amount of traffic coming into the cannabis clubs just for the weekend or short stay.  These associations are for the people of the city, and so since the summer of 2015, all new members must wait fifteen days between joining the AccB and being allowed to enter.  This will facilitate an environment of the true vibe of BCN, which has locals and expats chilling in the world’s coolest city.  Get in Contact with us, for more information about becoming a member.

#2 – The new mayor has a plan for Barcelona marijuana associations

As of 13 June 2015, Ada Colau is the current mayor of the Catalan capital.  With her election brings changes and regulations which will make the cannabis clubs safer ad more friendly.  Colau was a founding member of the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, which gave Catalans a voice against abusive mortgage clauses and the collapse of the Spanish property market after 2008.  Cannabis Clubs will now require proper identification of 18 years or older, and will not operate within 150 meters of schools.  I think we can all agree that these new regulations are fair and contribute to a better overall experience for our members.

#3 – The Price of Weed in Spain is a huge bonus

Barcelona’s weed and hash s about what you would pay in the United States, like Colorado or Seattle.  You can also go the “high roller” direction and get some top-shelf Kush to put in your pipe.  At Remedy Collective, you can get a large gram (1g – 1.25g) for 7 Euros and a double (2g -2.6g) for 14 Euros.  Our aim is to please, so check out our menus and weed blog for up-to-date and current content.  Quality is our number 1 goal.

#4 – Cannabis Clubs are Private Co-ops!  No exceptions

You can not just walk in off the street and purchase cannabis in Spain, unlike other marijuana havens across the globe.  There are no exceptions to this.  You must sign up and wait for membership.  Once inside, you are not purchasing anything.  You are claiming your portion of the grow, and any donations go right back into your club.  Indeed it’s more interesting than a grocery co-op, but along the same lines.   The cannabis and its by-products like hash and brownies, belong to the members based off of their membership conditions.  You are the club.

#5 – Weed is not legal to smoke on the streets!

I know we smell the tasty aroma wafting through every neighborhood in the city, on a daily basis, but let’s get one thing straight – the laws are the laws and you are not permitted to smoke on the street.  Our members especially do not puff on Carrer Nou De Sant Francesc or anywhere in the neighborhood.  Not only a matter of respect, but it will ruin your day if you run into La Guardia Urbana or a Mosso.  After all, we have licensing as a smoking establishment and try our best to make things comfortable.

#6 – There is still a limit to how much cannabis you can claim or carry.

L’Ajuntament has not opened the floodgates and released a free-for-all on how much marijuana you can pick up from places like Remedy.  Currently, we are able to allow 40 grams per month, and you must sign in to register and claim your portion of the co-op.    In terms of Spanish law, you can not carry over 100 grams on your person at any time, so you should be good if you are one of our members.

#7 – Spain – Is it a Weed Capital?

The rise of the cannabis clubs has certainly upped the quality of weed in Barcelona, no doubt.  We remember 2010 when all you could find was outdoor that wasn’t trimmed properly.  And hash, lots of hash.  Now in 2015 we have access to so many more grows, strains, and quality.  Obviously you need to see to believe, but I would go so far as to say that Barcelona is poised to become the new Amsterdam, a party-in-a-bottle with the sun and the fun, and some killer buds to top it off!

#8 – Joining a Cannabis Club – is it dangerous?

Simply put, within the walls of the cannabis clubs, you are allowed to smoke.  Being a member is not a criminal act, because according to Catalan law, you are able to exercise your right to a personal grow through this and many other co-ops.  Speaking to many other clubs, the consensus is that we would do nothing to put our members in any danger.  After all, you are supposed to be relaxing at associations!  Embrace the stress relief, we are following all the current regulations to ensure your future membership.

#9 – You can join multiple clubs

As of now, you are allowed to join multiple cannabis clubs in Barcelona.  However, there are limits to how much marijuana you can claim and carry.  Since Remedy will not have access to the amount you are claiming at other co-ops, please be respectful and stay within the limits.  We thank you in advance.

#10 – Do you need to live in Spain to join a club.

Please keep checking back with us, we will update this page.  But, as of now, there are no residency requirements to join a cannabis club.  Of course, there still exists the limits we spoke about above.  But, if your stay in Spain is more than 15 days and yet you do not have a flat or residence, you can still join and enjoy the cannabis clubs.

#11 – What goes on inside these clubs?

Every cannabis club differs, really.  Some have punky, skater, hip-hop, medicinal, and locals-only vibes.  It really depends on what you are in it for.  Here at Remedy, our focus is on creating a community and offering the highest quality buds.  So, we offer special events, secret menus, games and movies, bongs/pipes/papers galore, music requests, marijuana instruction, and other fun stuff.

#12 – What is the Spannabis Cup?

The Spannabis Cup is one of the most important Spanish Cannabis events of the year, along with the Expocannabis fair in Madrid.  This is the 12th year running and every year it gets bigger with better buds from across the globe.  There currently is a strong Amsterdam presence, but Spanish growers kick are and are making a bigger impact every year now.  This year at the  Fira de Cornellá Exhibition Centre was killer, and we learned a ton and planted some wicked seeds.  Remedy has some special events planned for Spannabis 2016, so please keep checking back.

Sonar Barcelona 2015 – A Preview

Sonar Barcelona 2015 – A Preview

Sonar Remedy Barcelona Festival-2015Sonar 2015 is here this June 18, 19 and 20th, so get your arse ready to party.  Whether you are going to Sonar by Day, Sonar by night, off Sonar parties, or even the infamous anti-Sonar, your ears are gonna be ringing by Sunday.  You probably will question your life choices, and strongly consider running away to join the festival circuit.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sonar is the blend of great music and a great city.  For more about the city, check out our Culture Blog.  For the music, just keep on reading.  The full lineup can be found here, but this is who we are super excited to see:

The Chemical Brothers – With their new album Born in the Echoes about to drop, the Chembros are sure to make it weird at the Fira Montjuic.  These guys have been a staple of the festival every year, and they always bring their top game.  I remember seeing them a few years back playing after Justice, and everybody on the dance floor was completely gobsmacked.

Duran Duran – I always like to catch the older poppier acts at these sorts of events.  I know they are a head scratcher here, but today’s retro vibe owes a lot to the synths of Mr. Duran and his brother Mr. Duran.  Plus, what girl doesn’t like bitchin 80s music?  I’ll take an order of Rio  with a side dish of Hungry Like the Wolf, por favor.

Hot Chip – Much like the Chemical Brothers, the legendary British electronic band has played Sonar more times than I can count since forming in London in 2000.  And they are always welcome here.  “Why Make Sense” is Hot Chip’s new offering, and I suggest you pick it up before the concert, as Hot Chip will actually play Sonar twice, once Thursday and once Friday.  We are expecting new stuff mixed in with the classics.  I Feel Better already.

Tiga – Tiga will be performing Live, a collaborative work with the Berlin studio Padfinderei, Matthew Dear, Boyz Noize, and others.  This Canadian DJ has an interesting following, and grew up as the product of hippie parents in a hippie Disney Land, of sorts – Goa, India.  But his music is a bit more ferocious than that, so you will see us at Sonar Lab Friday night at 01:45

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) – When I first heard TEED in London, I knew he was poised to break out on the scene.  I mean, who sounds like this guy?  Orlando Higginbottom and his ‘Nice Age’ Label will be playing the funky beats Friday.  His uniqueness will keep him around for a long time.

Viktor Flores – Viktor’s style is difficult to nail down into any category.  Whether it is German techno, dub, new age, or synth pop, Viktor has been rocking out of Galicia for 20 years.  If you’ve never seen him live, check him out Friday at the Sonar Pub.

Olde Gods – “But there are some who still keep to the Old Way, worshiping the faceless gods of the First Men.” Yes, expect this Twisted Funky Duo’s set to be as epic as the last season of Game of Thrones.  Aster and Guillamino pair up for a sweet set Thursday at Sonar by Day, at the SonarDôme, will have you synthed six ways senseless.

Squarepusher – I will be the first to admit, Thomas Jenkinson makes me feel weird.  But, after long contemplation, I will admit I feel weird in a good way.  I remember seeing Squarepusher at Sonar in 2012, he was playing long sets of jazz over computer sounds, and I think my brain exploded a little.  Kudos also to the best stage design and lighting effects of that year, Squarepusher puts on a fantastic LED show.

Erol Alkan – Check out Erol’s special mix for 2015 here.  He comes on Saturday night in between Duran Duran and the Chemical Brothers, and I think this could be the perfect segue.  I last saw Erol in London last year, and he brought the house down, so I am very excited for this one.  Come by Remedy and we will be playing some Erol tracks this weekend.

But let’s face it, Sonar is more than just one act.  It’s about the energy coming into the city and just not leaving.  It’s about bumper cars at 4 AM when you really should not be driving anything.

If Remedy BCN can be of assistance, please contact us.

Whether it is a hotel or restaurant recommendation, or party tips, our little knowledge goes a long way.  See you on the sala!



Barcelona wins the 2015 Treble, Takes down Juventus 3-1

Barcelona wins the 2015 Treble, Takes down Juventus 3-1

Barcelona Champions Juventus Remedy BCN     Barça makes football history, winning their second Treble in 6 years, and taking the 2015 La liga title, La Cope del Rey, and just yesterday the UEFA Champions League.  For anyone watching this season, Barça had the qualities of a slow burn.   Starting the season, there were many questions about chemistry and age, and how the new and old players would work together.  The Blaugrana came out of the gates relatively slow, looking inferior to their old rival Real Madrid and Cristiano Rinaldo.  In fact when Ronaldo recently won the Ballon D’Or, nobody was championing the seasons of and Barça Crack over their opponent’s.

But just like everything in life, how you finish is the most important.  Let’s take a look at some of the Champions League Finals action:

Only 4 minutes into the match in Berlin, Ivan Rakitić had a well placed effort which put the Catalans into an early lead.  From that point on, we saw a lot of heavy pressure from Barcelona, with just shy of 70% possession in the first half.  Of considerable note were Iniesta and Neymar, who seemed a step ahead of their Juve defenders.  Even with the clear first half dominance though, Barcelona was only up  notch.  They would need to continue the  effort to attain the glory.

When the whistle called the start of the second half, it seemed to us that the Catalans were not as crisp as the first half, perhaps even sluggish.  Like a poorly rolled joint, the match was threatening to come apart in the middle.  In the 55th minute, Álvaro Morata booted one in to tie it up, and Juve redoubled their efforts to send Barça backpedaling.  Here is where I must give credit to Barcelona’s greatness, not just this game but throughout the whole season.  Instead of throwing in the towel, their newly acquired Uruguayan Suarez, who was himself coming off some controversy in the World Cup, stepped up to save the day.  Luis Suarez rushed to a loss ball, and finished the job with a swift flick into an empty net.  Barcelona would not relinquish the lead.

Now I would like to briefly address the topic of the referees.  I had the misfortune of sitting next to some Juve fans at the bar, who were going on incessantly about the officiating.  Now we all know that Barça is the darling of UEFA, and quite recently we have seen Blatter and the FIFA boys on the run for corruption, so it is not out of the question that this bias exists.  Hell it makes sense to me.  But watching the game, I thought that the alls were in line.  The penalty my bar neighbors were screaming about was marginal, and hey at least they disallowed Neymar’s handball goal.

Speaking of Neymar, the Brazilian has been pleasure to watch all year, and he got his goal late into extra time to end the game.  This goal, while inconsequential as to the outcome, may have had the biggest global effect.  We all know that 2-1 was the smart money on this one, and Neymar let you all regret not putting his squad up two.  After the match, as Neymar was celebrating over the rails closer to the fans, tearful Pirlo applauded the Juventus supporters.  It truly was a gut-wrenching defeat for the serial Italian champions.

Barcelona Remedy RamblasThe craze spread like a shockwave through the streets, down Ramblas and really close to Remedy.  I swear, the juxtaposition of the chill scene inside Remedy and the parading outside, was one to remember.  Just like 2009, with another Treble the familiar chorus of “Copa, Liga, Champions” rang through the Ciutat Vella.  There was nothing more to win.

What’s next for Barcelona?  While they are always welcome to join us at Remedy BCN for some off-season relaxation, we think they have their eyes on something bigger for 2016.  That is, if you can wait until then.