Barcelona Barrio Gótico Historical Guide for 2017

Remedy BCN presents: Barcelona Barrio Gótico Historical Guide for 2017

Ramblas  the busiest street in Barcelona with flamenco shows,  filed up with restaurants and bars huge fish market . its leads all the way to the port well , but just before the port you can notice Columbus Statue it was build in 1888 has a 60 m hight and 20 m wide at the bottom , you can visit the statue as is has lift and cost only 6 euros per person . now lets get to the port .

port well is the old port of the barcelona and since columbus, was build its dramatically started to grow up and even today is still expanding. you can visit a aquarium as soon as walk true the walking bridge  its cost around 20 euros per person to see over 11 k animals that lives in mediteranian sea .On the way out of the port you can see barcelona face statue that was present from united states its a lichtenshteins job and its dedicated for olympic games that bean here in 1992 . So from 1992 the city has became most popular destination in europe . every year more amore tourists coming . Just keep walking around the port true the historical catalunian museum and you already in barceloneta.

Barceloneta now days is the most area for tourists to visit in the 90 city was getting ready for olympics so they created 3 more man made beaches they are just on the other side of port olympic . port olympic is the place where our younger generation going to clubs and discotecs . most popular pacha shoko opium cdlc catwalk ice bar and many more and on the day time this port is the only place where you can rent jet sky boat trips and other water sports , keep in mind as in pic seen the prices is really high for rentals there is twin towers one of them is most popular hotel arts and another is belongs to Mapre company

if you take a look from the port towards the city you will see sagrada familia .

not far away is the park citadel we call that central park as its biggest here in barcelona its was build in 1888 and only one building was build in 1906 thats the parliament of catalunia   park also has got barcelona zoo . beautiful  fountain and little lake

zoo is really huge and cost around 16 euros to visit . if you go there you can even rent little golf cars for all your family  and after you you spend minimum 3 hours there on the way out the mane gate you can notice a very big walk way and then Ark the trumf  . Its also was build on 1888 same as columbus and the park citadel with all building in it

on the way back to city centre you can visit memorial museum of civil war  its named as ell born , museum is free to visit only mondays is closed .

now if you back to centre just of the la rambla you have plaza tripi original named as gorge orwell , in the 80s the plaza was most drug use place in all barcelona possibly all spain; I’m just joking ; make not all spain. the plaza is triangle and its a rounded area in the middle if you look from the top its reminds acid trip paper at the 80s just of that plaza you have one way is picaso school that located in street de avenue and opposite way not far is most famous plaza named plaza real and amazing lights created by gaudi the same guy who build sagrada park guel



not far of the plaza real we have irish pub with home made food and every sunday you can get really good sunday roast .

and if you already in this area you can find the best weed shop in town remedy and will not need to be looking for long as everyone knows the best place to smoke and everyone in barcelona ill guide you there with our huge capacity and separate game room you will be amazed of multi culture and best taste beers in barcelona from local brewery





Plaza Reial

Plaza Trippy/ George Orwell

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